Solemn Enthronement of


The beautiful Mass & Ceremony

that took place at

Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center

on November 24, 2019




Prepare for this great event by first enthroning Him

KING of your heart.

THIS IS, IN ESSENCE, PROMOTING LOVE FOR OUR EUCHARISTIC LORD, enthroning HIM in our heart, in our home, and in our nation.

First, in the hearts of as many individuals as possible that we can encourage to enthrone Our Lord Jesus in their hearts, then our country! WE ENTHRONE OUR EUCHARISTIC LORD ON THE ALTAR, PUT A KNEELER BEFORE HIM, AND INVITE PEOPLE TO COME AND PRAY THE PRAYER OF ENTHRONEMENT OF THE HEART (THAT WE PROVIDE).

What Inspired Us

WATCH THIS INSPIRING VIDEO OF JESUS ENTHRONED AS KING OF POLAND BY ALL THE BISHOPS AND THE PRESIDENT AND TENS OF THOUSANDS OF POLES.  The people of Poland enthrone Jesus, proclaim Him King, and ask Him to reign over each of them, over Poland, and over the whole world.  Beautiful music, beautiful prayers, and multitudes of people...

This is what inspired us to want to enthrone Him in Ohio as King of America.  We hope and pray eventually every state will do the same.  In Poland, in one day all the Bishops and the President of Poland gathered in one huge ceremony to solemnly proclaim Jesus as King of their country.  In America, we believe the best approach is to begin by encouraging individuals to enthrone Him in their hearts, then each diocese, until, please, Lord, He will have been enthroned as King throughout the nation.





We encourage you to read the article below. This initiative, which was undertaken by the Polish bishops conference, seems to have been intended as a largely prophetic gesture linked to the Divine Mercy devotion, and the initial impetus for this symbolic action can be firmly attributed to certain private revelations given to Servant of God Rosalia Zelkova in the early 20th century.  Read more...


Christ Declared King of Poland


Tuesday, 29 November 2016

In order to mark the end of the Year of Mercy on 20th Nov, 2016, during the Solemnity of Christ the King, a rather remarkable event took place in Poland on 19th Nov, when the Polish government, together with the Church hierarchy officially recognized Christ as the King of Poland. The Jubilee act of the reception of Christ as King and Lord was then repeated the following day throughout every parish in Poland on Nov 20th. This initiative, which was undertaken by the Polish bishops conference, seems to have been intended as a largely prophetic gesture linked to the Divine Mercy devotion, and the initial impetus for this symbolic action can be firmly attributed to certain private revelations given to Servant of God Rosalia Zelkova in the early 20th century.

Rosalia Zelkova was apparently shown a vision wherein Christ had demanded that He should be enthroned as King by the Polish nation in order to spare the country from an impending war. A detailed account of Rosalia's life and visions can be found, but for the sake of brevity, it should suffice to quote just a select few of the private revelations quoted on this website dedicated to the Servant of God below:

'If Poland wants to save herself, she must proclaim Jesus as her King through the Act of Enthronement. It must be carried out by the whole nation, and in particular by the state and church authorities, who should conduct the ceremony on behalf of the nation.'

In March 1938 Rozalia was instructed by the internal voice: 'A sacrifice must be made for Poland, for the sinful world (...), for the horrendous sins committed by the Polish Nation. God intends to punish them and it is only my Heart where Poland can find salvation.'

Despite numerous efforts, the enthronement was not celebrated in Poland. A few months before the outbreak of the Second World War, Rozalia had another vision revealing the tragedy which Poland would experience and at the same time a promise that if Poland's

government celebrated the enthronement, the war would be prevented. 'By the end of February 1939, Rozalia wrote, Our Lord revealed to my soul the following image in time, when I was offering to Him our Country and all the nations of the world. I saw in my soul the Polish-German border all in flames from Silesia to Pomerania. The vision was really terrifying and it seemed to me the fire would burn down the world. After a time, the fire spread over Germany and nothing was left of the present Third Reich. Then I heard a voice in my soul and felt certain that what I heard would truly happen:

"My child, the war shall be horrible and it shall bring about destruction (…). Poland's sins and crime are numerous and grave. God's Justice wishes to punish this nation for the sins of unchastity, homicide and hatred. However, Poland can be saved if I am proclaimed as her King and Lord by means of the enthronement, not only in some of the regions but in the whole country and, most importantly, by the government. The proclamation must be affirmed with rejection of sin and return to God (…). Poland can be saved only by Me."

In July 1938, Rozalia had a prophetic vision and received instruction concerning a distant for her yet for us now quite immediate future. She wrote: 'I was brought to a high mountain on which I saw a sphere similar to the globe yet of a much bigger size. I examined it with great interest. Geographically, it was the globe. I recognized parts of the world and particular countries. All of the sudden, a dignified figure of a man appeared in front of me. I do not know who he was. The person approached me and started a conversation. He said: "This is the globe", and told me to name and define borders of different parts of the world and particular countries. When I answered his questions, the person spoke to me in a grave and solemn voice:

"My child! God shall send a terrible punishment for sins and crime committed by people in the whole world. God's Justice cannot endure those misdeeds. Only those countries shall persevere where Christ will reign. If you want to save the world, the enthronement must be celebrated (…) in all the countries and nations around the globe. It is the only way in which one may be rescued. Countries and nations who do not recognize that need and submit to the reign of the sweet love of Jesus shall disappear from the face of the earth forever. Remember that, my child, they shall perish and shall never exist!!! (…) Remember, child, the matter of such importance must not be overlooked or forgotten. (…) The enthronement must be carried out in Poland."

Rozalia recollected that she offered herself to Jesus out of love to Him, to suffer deeply in the first place for the sake of Poland, and then for Germany, Russia, Spain and the whole world. At that moment the person took her hand and led her to the other side of the globe. He pointed to the United States of America and Australia and said with pain: 'Didn't Christ suffer also for those souls? Aren't they saved with His Most Sacred Blood? You should include them, my child, in particular America.'

He went on convincingly: 'Every effort must be made in order to carry out the enthronement. That is the final that Jesus' love makes for people at the end of days!' 'I asked him with fear whether Poland would endure. The person answered: "Poland shall not perish unless she recognizes Christ as King in every sense of the word, that is unless she accepts God's Law, the law of His love. Otherwise, my child, she shall not persevere." Finally, he said to me: "I say this to you once again, my child, that only those nations shall not perish who will be submitted to Jesus' Heart through the enthronement, who will recognize Him as their King and Lord. A horrible disaster shall come on this world, he said, as you will soon see."

 'Suddenly, a terrible bang could be heard. The globe cracked. Enormous fire broke out and disgusting lava flew out as if from a volcano, completely destroying all countries which had not recognized Christ. I saw destroyed Germany and other Western European countries. I turned with terror to the person for help and he said: "Do not fear, child," and he put his hands on my shoulders. I asked him: "Is this the end of the world, and the fire and lava, are these hell?" He replied: "This is not the end of the world or hell, but a horrible war which shall complete the destruction." The Polish borders were left inviolate, Poland persevered. The unknown person also said to me: "Countries under Christ's reign and subjected to the power of His Sacred Heart shall become extremely powerful and there shall be one Fold and one Shepherd."

 'Upon these words everything disappeared. On the following day, after the Holy Communion, I asked Lord Jesus about the meaning of that vision. I was instructed: "Child, this is what shall happen if people do not return to God. The moment of enthronement must not be delayed in Poland."

Polish Bishops and President Duda Declare Christ King of Poland


is an article on the Enthronement of Jesus as King of America

by Paul Suski, an author in Poland.

Paul's inspiring words reveal his knowledge of early American history, his love for the United States of America, and the necessity to proclaim Jesus its King!
To make this happen, Paul has emphasized--in other articles--the need for prayer and fasting.

May God bless America and Our Lady keep her.


Please pray for Jesus to be enthroned King of America by both Church AND civil authorities.

All things are possible with God!  If we pray, fast, and trust, it WILL happen!

God bless America, and Mary keep her!

Our prayer is that this enthronement movement will spread to all the states of America.  Below you will find an interactive map of the United States with blue markers indicating where the enthronement of Jesus is being promoted, and a red marker indicating where the enthronement has taken place. (Click on the markers for details) Soon--please, God--may every heart, home, diocese, state, and our nation officially proclaim Jesus King of America!



Everyone can participate in a powerful way by praying the Enthrone Jesus King of America prayer.



*Please, follow this link for the Enthrone Jesus King of America Prayer and for the Enthronement of the Heart Prayer Card:

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